Tire services in Hicksville

Tire Services in Hicksville

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Full tire services in Hicksville

Tire services in Hicksville
Tire services in Hicksville

Here at Al’s One Stop Auto, we are proud to offer an array of necessary services for our customers. We have earned a reputation for being dependable. And when it comes to our tire services in Hicksville, we are here for fixing flats, replacing tires, rotating your tires when necessary, and virtually anything related to tires and their optimal operation.

All year round, the safety of you, your passengers, and your fellow drivers is tied very closely to your tires. Brand new tires have full treads, are properly inflated, and will grip the road so that you can make turns, negotiate curves, and come to a stop with full confidence. Over time, though, tires lose their tread, and along with that, their dependability. What is the life of a tire? It varies based on many factors, including the quality of the tire itself, how well it has been kept inflated, driving conditions, and the type of car you have. If you’re not sure if your current tires are still in good enough condition, we’re happy to check them for you as part of our tire services in Hicksville. And if you need new ones, we have the brands you know and trust; and the right size for your vehicle. Did you know that tires last much longer when they are rotated on a fixed schedule? The reason is because most turns are right turns. Tire wear is uneven among them, and so rotation is a way to correct that. And few things are as frustrating as a flat tire. We can repair them in most cases. Why replace a perfectly good tire, if all that is wrong is a small hole from a nail, for example?

Take advantage of our tire services in Hicksville. Call us to arrange an appointment.

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