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Rotating your tires is an important safety practice that keeps your car in good repair and prolongs the life of your tires, guaranteeing that you can drive safely for long distances. If you don’t rotate your tires, balding or uneven tire pressure can occur which can lead to a flat tire or ruining your wheel alignment. At our Rockville Centre car repair shop, Al’s One Stop Auto, we understand what causes greater wear on your tires and how tire rotation can improve your vehicle’s performance and even save you gas mileage.

As you drive, front and back tires wear differently. Parallel parking, three-point turns or parking on hills, can wear your tires unevenly due to the movement that one wheel receives over the other. Every time you turn the wheel of your car, pressure is put on the front tires and more so if your car is a front-wheel drive. As the experts at our Rockville Centre car repair shop will explain, the resistance the tires put out creates friction to the tread, which, in turn, wears them down much faster than the back tires. Rotating your tires front to back several times throughout their lifetime will guarantee that they last longer than if you were to just leave them be. The more times you rotate your tires, the more you will be able to evenly re-distribute weight to all of them, making them all wear out at the same time at the end of their life span. Basically, you should rotate your tires about every 5,000 to 10,000 miles.

Tire rotation is not a safe option when your tires remaining tread depth is no longer appropriate for the weather conditions expected to be encountered and should be replaced. Tires should also be replaced if they are cut or punctured, as well as any tires that were driven on while flat. Driving on a tire while flat will permanently weaken the tire’s internal structure and makes it more susceptible to further damage. As part of our Rockville Centre car repair shop, we will also look for tires that show any bubbles, blisters, or bulges. We will inspect the tire’s inner-liner to reveal the cause and help determine if the tire can be repaired or needs to be replaced. All tires, including your spare, that were manufactured more than ten years previously should be removed and replaced as a precaution.

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