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Rockville Centre auto repairs

You may have heard friends, family members, or co-workers talk about how hard it is to find quality auto repairs at a good price, done by a reliable and honest shop. You may have even said so yourself. But if you have, then we’re sure you have never been here to see us at Al’s One Stop Auto. Our Rockville Centre auto repair shop takes great pride in being a part of our community and we are committed to the satisfaction of you, our valued customer.

The best type of auto repairs are, of course, the ones you never have to get done. It’s a big reason why we stress the importance of regular maintenance on your vehicle. This includes regular oil changes, engine tune-ups, rotation and replacement of tires, yearly safety inspections, and the periodic changing of fuel filters, air filters, etc. There are two goals that our Rockville Centre auto repair shop looks to achieve from this: first is to give you the best chance to keep your car, SUV, or truck reliable so that it’s there when you need it most; and second is to improve the odds of keeping you from needing major repairs.

But when you do need to have your car worked, on, you can rest assured that it will be done by our highly skilled and experienced technicians, in a timely manner. What kind of services do we offer? A short list includes brake replacement and anti-lock brake systems, electrical systems and batteries, shocks, struts, radiators and water pumps, and exhaust systems. We also provide reliable and reasonably priced road service and towing in case your vehicle gives out on you and you cannot get it here under its own power. Let us diagnose the problem and give you an estimate. We’re sure you will be happy with the outcome. Our reputation depends on it.

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