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Rockville Centre Oil Change

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It doesn’t matter whether you have an older car, a classic, or one of the newer models that go a longer time between oil changes. No matter what, sooner or later, every car needs a lube and an oil change. Al’s One Stop Auto is where you want to come to get it done. We’ve built a well-deserved reputation for reliable work and courteous service all done at a reasonable price. You see, we learned a long time ago that when you treat customers fairly and with respect, they keep coming back. It’s what sets our Rockville Centre oil change apart from the competitors.

Your engine has a lot of moving parts and in order to keep them moving (which keeps your car moving), they need to be well lubricated. Motor oil does that, but it breaks down over time. The amount of time depends on what car you have and when it was manufactured as well as the driving conditions you subject it to. For example, an older vehicle that does a lot of stopping and starting and is used under harsh circumstances may need an oil change after only a couple thousand miles. A newer car may go 7,500 miles or more. It all depends. Fortunately, if you’re not sure about your car’s specifications, we are, so just ask. Our Rockville Centre oil change is designed to help your engine last a long time.

The quality of your oil is also an essential component and we only use the best available. Of course, your oil filter will be changed along with your oil. This ensures that you get the most out of your oil. Older vehicles may need a lube, which consists of greasing fittings and ball joints. Why not call us right now and schedule an appointment for your car? Our Rockville Centre oil change is just what your car needs so you can rely on it when you need it most. Just the way you rely on us.

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