Hicksville NY car repair

Hicksville NY Car Repair

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Auto repair shop in Hicksville NY

Hicksville NY car repair
Hicksville NY car repair

If you are looking for the very best auto repair shop for your car, you should bring your car to us at Al’s One Stop Auto. At our Hicksville NY car repair service, you will find a complete auto repair shop that can thoroughly troubleshoot and fix any of your engine problems.

At our auto repair shop, we have the very best skilled professionals to meet all of your auto repair needs. Our mechanics and technicians are highly skilled and can fix any engine problem, or other car problem. Whether you need an engine problem fixed, or a simple oil change, we will expertly provide that service for you, with care. At our auto repair shop, we can even rebuild your entire engine, if necessary. We have a very loyal and dedicated following of customers, and we attribute this to the fact that our staff is dedicated to our customers as well. We offer the very best customer service, and fully understand how important your vehicle is to you. We will work our hardest to make sure that your car is maintained in top condition. We offer just about all car services including: troubleshooting and fixing engine problems; brake repair, including fixing squeaky brakes; tire rotation services; inspections; diagnoses of problems with antilock braking systems; engine tune-ups; exhaust system repairs; foreign automobile repairs; general auto repairs; windshield repairs; radiator services; and just about any type of auto repair or servicing you will ever need. We want you to know that there is no problem too big or too small that we cannot handle at our auto repair shop. When you bring your car into our shop for Hicksville NY car repair service, we will treat your auto with the very same care that you would.

We hope that you will contact us when you need the very best Hicksville NY car repair service for your valued vehicle.

516 Merrick Road,
Rockville Centre, NY 11570
(516) 821-0246