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Has your car been suffering from overheat when idling or even simply driving to work in no traffic? Have you been noticing puddles of green or yellow fluid underneath your automobile? These are signs that a radiator is beginning to fail, and without care can cause your car to break down at any moment. To get the prices and true experts who can fix anything you drive or push into our garage, drivers need no look no further than their local East Rockaway auto mechanic at Al’s One Stop Auto for car radiator repair and services that can get you back on the road.

Often times radiator problems are not as bad as the driver may think. Overheating can be a terrifying experience, and usually points to a radiator issue when it occurs as you accelerate heavily when merging onto a major highway, driving at high speeds, or coming to a sudden stop. These symptoms could be caused by a simple faulty thermostat or just a failing radiator cap. Leaking coolant that can be seen as a green or yellow puddle under your car is usually the culprit of a cracked radiator, but it can also leak from any point in the car’s coolant system. Often times your trusted East Rockaway auto mechanic will perform a pressure test by adding a colored dye to the cooling system, working to mark the source of the leak to find the cause of your automobile woes.

Radiator sludge can form in a rusty radiator, and is a sign that this part needs to be replaced. For a diagnosis of your possible radiator-related problems, be sure to visit your professional East Rockaway auto mechanic at Al’s One Stop Auto. Whether you need a simple radiator cap, or an entire radiator replacement, our team stands proudly by our slogan – “If we can’t fix it, no one can!”

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