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Auto Repair Shop in Lynbrook NY

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Auto Repairs Expert in Lynbrook

Auto Repair Shop in Lynbrook NY
Auto Repair Shop in Lynbrook NY

We humbly take pride in being the auto repair shop in Lynbrook NY that you can count on to do top-notch maintenance and repairs, reliably, promptly, and at a fair price. We at Al’s One Stop Auto share the frustration that so many people have toward some others who are in the same business as we are. A big reason why we have become a cornerstone of this area is through word of mouth. Satisfied customers, just like you, tell their family and friends about us.

Routine maintenance is vitally important to keeping your car running, and to keeping its essential parts in proper condition. Bring your car to our auto repair shop in Lynbrook for periodic oil changes, tire rotation, new fuel filters and air filters, engine tune-ups, NYS safety and emissions inspections, and radiator flushes. It’s a fact that the preventative care we put into your car today will make it far more likely that you can drive your car for many more miles without repairs that could be costly and put your car out of commission for a full day or more.

All makes, models, and years of car will eventually require mechanical work, and when that does happen, call our auto repair shop in Lynbrook NY. We are pleased to be staffed with mechanics who are skilled and experienced, and who are continually learning. Just a few of the services we provide are in replacing brakes, including ABS; exhaust systems; electrical systems, including batteries and alternators; cooling systems, like your radiator and water pump; shocks, and struts. You can enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing that we will be able to diagnose problems, both small and large, saving you both time and money. And because we know how much you rely on your car, we make every effort to complete your work in the shortest time-frame possible.

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